Burger Records x Havoc TV

burger Havoc TV has joined forces with one of the most prolific underground record labels, Burger Records.

Since it's inception eight years ago, Burger Records has created their own collective cooperative world of music, with founders, Lee Rickard and Sean Bohrman at the helm. From garage rock pioneer Ty Segall, to the slew of spry young bands on its roster including Cherry Glazerr, Together Pangea, White Fang, and The Garden, Burger Records has put out countless - nearing 1,000 - records, CDs, and their infamously colorful cassette tapes. Now Burger fans can watch the label's numerous

Now, Burger fans can catch the label's umpteen music videos airing live on Havoc TV VOD and our "24/7" linear channel.

Here's a hand picked selection of some of our favorite Burger Records music videos.


The Garden - "Gift"



White Fang - "Bong Rip"



Tomorrows Tulips - "Baby" & "Glued To You"



Cherry Glazerr - "White's Not My Color This Evening"



Las Lenguas - "9 to 5"



Burgerama 4



Seth Bogart - "Eating Makeup (featuring Kathleen Hanna)"