Between the Lines: Scott Soens

Scott Soens has been fascinated with photography and film ever since he picked up a camera in his high school. Scott is a Jersey boy, who grew up, along with his two brother, in Avalon, a beach town on the Atlantic coast. He held down jobs as a busboy and surf shop employee among others and spent seven summers on the tower as a lifeguard. He spent his high school years in Philadelphia where he was enrolled in a charter school which offered the photography and film classes that would shape his career.

Scott's incredible creative eye has had him sought after by quite a few high level clients over the years including Patagonia, Billabong, Hurley, Globe, Surfer Magazine; the list goes on. And despite his impressive client list, and fabulous series of film portraits and outdoor adventures, it's Scott's cinematography that is really breathtaking (A Brokedown Melody, New Emissions of Light and Sound, Come Hell or High Water). He's part a core group of dudes that makes surf-spawned art and propagates a retro sensibility in his surf video work (he shoots video on film underwater!!!).

Scott is always able to keep the mood light; his creativity, easygoing personality and raw talent are inspiring. He's someone who has mastered the art of surf photography and cinematography, and whose work comes from his appreciation of how beautiful and difficult each practice is. 

We spent some time with Scott in Ventura, where we got to know the man behind the lens for an upcoming video feature.

Photos by Alex Khatchadourian.