Bruns 2

bruns If you haven't seen Bruns, then after reading this article you should probably go and watch the hour long video of some of the most grimey east coast skateboarding. It truly is balls-to-the-wall skating over some of the shittiest and gnarliest urban terrain, sprinkled with mayhem from skaters Zach Gesko, Sloan Palder, and John Gardener in between.

Now, videographer Kevin Winters brings us Bruns 2. With some of the core dudes from 2014's Bruns, shredding in some of the most gorgeous locales, like the wonderful Trenton, NJ. Skaters John Gardner, James Pitonyak, Nik Stain, Jordan Gesko, Zach Gesko, Ryan Burge and Chris Davisall make appearances either skating downhill over a surface that 95% broken glass, skating a fallen tree into a tube television set, or just going really damn fast and smith grinding everything in sight. There's also 2 montages featuring Sergio Rodas, Sloan Palder, Paul Overstrom, Brendan Wilkie, Eric Elliott and a bunch of other homies.

The cherry on top: John Garder's part. This dude is always smiling, maybe because he's just recently been welcomed to the Creature skate team, but there's no doubt you'll see him flying off of all kinds of shit in this new edit. Check out a remix of his new part below.


Watch the Bruns 2 trailer below and cop the DVD or download here.