Boneshaker is a rad 72-page, perfectly bound, advertising-free publication full of articles, stories, and anecdotes about people and projects doing great things with bicycles. Besides their well-crafted print magazine, Boneshaker shares rousing photography and features via it's online outlet,

In one of the magazine's latest features, photographer and BMX rider Tony Haupt, and fellow BMX-er Max Lehmann, followed a xeroxed map from their friend that marked a slew of riding spot along the east coast of Australia. They were really on the hunt for one particular spot, "The Pipe."

After seeing a friend's photo standing in the middle of an enormous fullpipe made of concrete, Haupt and Lehmann travelled from place to place with their disassembled BMX bikes in the back of their car, eventually landing in the Snowy Mountains. Hundreds of miles and some 1600 meters above sea level, Haupt and Lehmann finally found themselves at the entrance of a huge gorge and vast dam. The pipe actually served as a subterranean reservoir overflow.

The two made their way to the "entrance" of the 150-meter-long pipe – an actual emergency outlet of the pipe – and quickly began carving up and down the perfectly curved pipe.

Here are some epic photos of the adventure. You can read the full account of their journey here.