Band You Should Know: Men I Trust

Montreal group Men I Trust is an understated indie-dance-pop act that always delivers some form of irresistibly groovy tunes. What started out as a two-piece between longtime friends, collaborators, and studied musicians Dragos Chiriac and Jessy Caron, eventually became a threesome when the duo fortuitously was introduced to Emma Proulx through a video of her casually singing and strumming a guitar. 

Emma’s voice was different, more grainy, and fragile with a mysterious twist that caught their attention. After recording the song "Out In Myself," and playing some live show together, the threesome's sonic chemistry was undeniable. Emma has been part of Men I Trust since then.

That was all in 2015, and now the group has been steadily releasing singles all year, with accompanying videos, so we can only hope that we'll be getting a full-length soon. 

One of their most recent singles “Tailwhip” is a perfect song, a velvety groove, infectious melody, and casually profound lyrics (“this country dog won’t die in the city”). Men I Trust followed up the undeniable jam of "Tailwhip" with another killer self-released single, the gorgeous and super dreamy “I hope to be around“. Watch the beautiful videos for both tracks below and download the track on the group’s bandcamp.