Artisanal Lifestyle: Troy Mothershead

151026_troy-Mothershead_Photo_371 There are so many people that buy the surf threads, consume their daily dose of Stab Magazine videos, and consider themselves a part of surfing's alternative culture, but few truly live and embody the lifestyle like Troy Mothershead.

The Ventura-based surfer lives at the crossroads of two opposite, but passionate worlds, the street and the beach. Both surfing and skating have and continue to inform his life's path, as he navigates his day to day with the understanding that what's most important, is doing what you love. He has a style that is inspired by the world he lives and engages in while on his surfboard and skateboard.

Director and photographer Sean Martin crafts a unique portrait of Mothershead in this short video doc, Artisanal Lifestyle: Troy Mothershead.

All photos: Sean Martin