Anonymous Zone-Ishod Wair

ishod5 Anonymous Zone is a new film from What Youth directed by Kai Neville and shot on location in Japan with Ishod Wair, Raven Tershy, Peter Ramondetta and Kevin Terpening.

What Youth will be releasing it February 2nd, and has been consistently documenting the making, but mostly skating of the upcoming video, through the lens of Arto Saari. In these shots, Arto catches Ishod Wair, winner of Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 2013. Wair is such a dexterous skater, an ability that even Arto himself made mention of in saying, "Every spot we went to he got at least one clip. He’s the real deal. So consistent. So rad. And he’s fucking hilarious to be around."

According to Arto, anytime Wair was trying something gnarly he would dedicate it to somebody. When he varial heeled the 12-stair, he yelled “This one’s for Reynolds!” He landed it that try. He also dedicated a heelflip off 10-stair to Lindsay Robetson.

Watch the trailer for Anonymous Zone below and check out the behind the scenes photos from Arto Saari.