Adventure Chaser: Lucia Griggi

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.09.50 PM Lucia Griggi's love of photography was inspired by her passion for travel and searching out waves around the world. She learned to surf in England and the search for perfect waves took her to corners of the earth that she would have never found if she hadn't caught the surfing bug. To say that Lucia Griggi has an enviable lifestyle is an understatement. Lucia’s made her dreams a reality, courtesy of good old hard work and determination.

Lucia has lived to have two feet in the sand and her toes in the water, and she has always found her way to a beach, swimming in the ocean in some exotic and breathtaking setting. Whether it's spending timeon the North Shore of Oahu documenting surfing by land and sea, or shooting from the beach with a big telephoto lens, or swimming out at Pipeline to tell the stories of athletes like Kelly Slater, Lisa Anderson and all the other great North Shore specialists, Lucia has spent the last decade traveling from England to California to Hawaii and around the world to document her adventure lifestyle. She's also taken portraits of some of skate's legends including Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Tony Hawk and dozens of others.

Check out some her gorgeous and highly sought-after photography below.

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