Acid Dad-Let's Plan a Robbery

acid-dad-hero Psych and punk aren't usually used to describe the same thing, but in the case of Brooklyn, New York's Acid Dad, they do. Over the last year and a half the four-piece have established themselves as the perfect band to appease the cravings of the multi-genre hungry and those with music ADD.

Acid Dad will release their debut EP, Let's Plan A Robbery, on February 26. Songs like "Fool's Gold," are somewhat of a kaleidoscopic of swirling guitars and psychedelic sway. Let's Plan A Robbery is a magnetic four-song EP self-recorded by the band in upstate New York throughout December 2015 and January 2016. Expanding upon their previous singles, the EP ranges from the explosive drive of opener "Don't Get Taken" to the psych-sway of "Fool's Gold"; from the dynamic charge of "Digger (Gotta Get That Money)" to the languid, hypnotic closer "Shoot You Down," with guitarists Vaughn Hunt or Danny Gomez handling lead vocals on every other track.

Acid Dad have quickly established themselves as one of the tightest and most energetic live bands in the Brooklyn scene.

Listen to "Don't Get Taken" off the new EP, below.